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Handballs get fresh look for 2022/23 EHF club competitions

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They are so beautiful, you would rather keep them in your hands and admire them.

However, the new-look official match balls for the 2022/23 season of the EHF Champions League and the EHF European League are really made for throwing.

With Europe’s top-level and second-tier club competitions approaching the end of their 2021/22 campaign, it is time to present the brand-new designs for the official SELECT SPORT match balls for next season.

Again, there is no difference in design between balls used in men’s and women’s competitions.

One of the characteristics of the new high-class design of the EHF Champions League ball is the use of flashes of gold colour, in line with the competition’s brand identity introduced in 2020.

And with a competition as dynamic and powerful as the EHF European League, this new ball is reflecting exactly that, with the official social media hashtag #ehfel prominently printed over it.

The new balls will first be used at both EHF FINAL4 2022 events – for women, on 4/5 June in Budapest; for men, on 18/19 June in Cologne – and EHF Finals 2022 events – for women, on 14/15 May in Viborg; for men, on 28/29 May in Lisbon.

Fans who cannot wait to get their hands on the new ball can already order the EHF Champions League version online in the official EHF-SELECT shop.

Matthias Mayrhofer, Director Partner & Brand at EHF Marketing GmbH, said: “We are proud that the best handballs evolve from the fruitful partnership between SELECT and EHF Marketing. Both designs are truly paying tribute to the brands of the respective competitions.

“The refined and elegant look of the EHF Champions League balls highlights the premium character of the top tier competition in European club handball and will be used in the upcoming 30th anniversary season, while the design for the EHF European League features the official hashtag #ehfel which strongly links to the digital coverage of the competition and further strengthens its position.”

Peter Knap, CEO of SELECT, said: “We are very happy with our partnership with EHF Marketing, and we are always looking forward to witnessing the absolute top players play with our handballs. The balls played with in the EHF club competitions are our premium handballs and emphasize our motto ‘League’s Choice’.”

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