Post-match flash quotes: final and 3rd place match, 12 May

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GRAZ - Comments from H.C. Dunarea Braila head coach Jan Leslie (DEN) and right back Mireya Gonzalez (ESP), and Neptunes Nantes head coach Helle Thomsen (DEN), centre back Léna Grandveau and goalkeeper Floriane Andre (FRA).



Jan Leslie (DEN) – head coach, H.C. Dunarea Braila

On the game against Neptunes Nantes:

“Nantes deserved this medal. We did too, but Nantes showed they are a strong team and one of the best in this competition. I can't say anything bad today. We gave everything we had. There were some problems at the start and we were behind. But we are not a losing team and we were fighting and made a comeback. I have big respect for my team and for my girls.”

On the relationship with Nantes' coach Helle Thomsen:

“I have big respect for Helle [Thomsen]. She is one of the best coaches in the world. This is the crown for the end of the season and I know she had a tough one. She deserved at least one hug from me.”

Mireya Gonzalez (ESP) – right back, H.C. Dunarea Braila

On the feeling after the defeat in the 3/4 placement match:

It is not the best feeling after losing the match. It is how it is. We should be proud of the whole season, even though this weekend was not an easy one for us. We started the competition right at the beginning, in the qualification phase and it was a log way to the EHF Finals. Even if we have this 'chocolate' medal at the end, we have to be proud of all the work we did."

Helle Thomsen (DEN) – head coach, Neptunes Nantes

On winning the 3/4 placement match:

“Thanks to Braila for one crazy game. We won it after the penalties and it is all about luck. We must remember we had 19 hours to recover, had a tough evening and morning but it just shows how the players are stong. The same goes for Braila. If I look at our whole season, it had its ups and downs, but I think we deserved this medal after all.”

On the relationship with Braila's coach Jan Leslie:

“It is nice. And I lost so many games against him, it is nice to be a winner.”

Léna Grandveau (FRA) – centre back, Neptunes Nantes

On winning against H.C. Dunarea Braila:

“It was just my feeling for that last shot. It was a hard game for us, just like yesterday, but you can't win if you don't have a good team. I am proud after all, because this year wasn't easy for us but now we have something important out of it.”

Floriane Andre (FRA) – goalkeeper, Neptunes Nantes

On the feeling after winning the bronze medal:

“There are a lot of emotions right now. It was hard to come back after the defeat in the semi-finals. We have put everything we had and it is incredible to finish this game from the seven-metres.”

On losing the seven-goal lead:

“We learned from our mistakes but we knew we should not take Braila for granted. That they can come back and be strong in the end. We knew we had to be mentally better. We tried to keep that mentality until the end. Even though they were leading in the end, we put everything to make the last goal possible.”

On what went through her mind before saving the penalty:

“I just wanted to have this moment with this team. We have an incredible team and have a good relationship between us. That is what I was thinking about while standing there. I knew I needed to do my best to save that ball. I am leaving the club after six years and I wanted to finish with the medal this story.”



Florentin Pera (ROU) – head coach, CS Gloria 2018 BN

On the final game in Graz:

“Storhamar played good handball. I am proud of my players because we didn't lose any game until the final. I think that if we had all the players able to play for 60 minutes, the result would have been different. We got two red cards. Still, the team fought until the end and I hope that in the future we will play even better and win this trophy.”

Renata De Arruda (BRA) – goalkeeper, CS Gloria 2018 BN

On the final game in Graz:

“I have lots of feelings right now. I can't even describe it. It was a great job by the whole team, throughout the whole season. The MVP title is not just mine, but for everybody.”

Kenneth Gabrielsen (NOR) – head coach, Storhamar Handball Elite

On winning the EHF European League Women 2023/24:

“We played good handball since we started the competition. In the final, it was a great fight from Gloria, it was a hard match. We started well and we believed that together we can come here and win.”

On the atmosphere in Graz:

“It was a great atmosphere. We knew the Romanian side have a lot of fans and we had ours, so it was an amazing feeling to play here.”

Eli Marie Raasok (NOR) – goalkeeper, Storhamar Handball Elite

On what was crucial for the win:

“The coach said at half-time that we played good in the first half, but lost many chances. We just needed to continue with the good offence and remain strong in the defence.”

On the fans in the stands:

“It was an insane atmosphere. It was such a fun match on and off the court. Our fans had our backs all the time and I am happy.“


Photo © Anze Malovrh / kolektiff

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